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Language of Love
(Two small poems by father and daughter)

Father (K L Chowdhury)

It is a drowsy afternoon
The sky a uniform gray
A huge cloud hanging low
A pin drop silence below
The promise of rain on hold
Time standing still
But my heart beating fast
To communicate with you
And speak about my dream.

I dream meeting you
in this weather
at this hour!

And we meet.

Daughter (Renuka Chowdhury)

The raindrop is me
watching you
wondering what laws of nature
keep me from taking that dive
to land on your face
as a kiss.

What sense prevails over the other
is hard to tell –
sight, smell, touch,
or else?

Right now
I want to flow, uninhibited, impetuous, impatient,
breaking all the laws,
of man and nature,
and flow all over you,
and drench you with the monsoon of love.
Sometimes touch is like no other feeling.